Cooper (French), Légion d’honneur, Tome 6 de Dale Mayer
Légion d'honneur: Cooper (French) (Pre-order)
Légion d'honneur: Cooper (French) (Pre-order)
Légion d'honneur: Cooper (French) (Pre-order)
Légion d'honneur: Cooper (French) (Pre-order)

Légion d'honneur: Cooper (French) (Pre-order)

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A highly skilled doctor saved Cooper's life and sanity, while stealing his heart in the process.

Being a SEAL is Cooper's reason for living, but it's not just his duty that drives him to action when the practitioner who miraculously brought him back to life is abducted. He is the first to volunteer to save her.

Dr. Sasha Childs dedicates her life to helping others. Discovering that her husband was sleeping with her best friend reinforced her desire for independence and her desire to concentrate on the practice of medicine. Disillusioned, she stops believing in true love and decides to put her skills at the service of a Syrian refugee camp in desperate need of medical help. She is completely unaware of the danger lurking around her and only realizes too late that she was not as safe as she thought, when she is kidnapped by terrorists.

Cooper had a hard time saving Sasha from the alien hands that held her captive and returning her home safe and sound. When danger comes to her door again, keeping her safe a second time becomes next to impossible. As he considers himself lucky to have escaped death, he realizes that he needs another miracle so that the woman he has fallen in love with does not become little more than another victim of the war.

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